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Cardiac myxoma


Primary cardiac tumor is very rarely with an incidence 0.001-0.3% from all tumor. About 90% of primary cardiac tumor is benign, and the most common tumor is myxoma. Cardiac myxoma most commonly found in the fourth and seventh decades of life with clinical symptoms depend on the location, size, shape, mobility and rate of growth. We reported a case of cardiac myxoma found in the left atrium of 49 years-old man with a chief complaint feeling tired from a month. In thorax CT and echocardiography examination found a solid mass in left intra-atrium suspected intra- atrial myxoma. Macroscopically, a mass with irregular shape, tan, and rubbery. Microscopically, the mass consist of proliferation of elongated, fusiform or stellate cells with ovoid or elongated nucleus, and eosinophilic cytoplasm, forming cord and partially scattered single cells between myxoid stromal, others appear surrounding capillaries or small vessels. The proliferation of capillary blood vessels also observed. Based on clinical, radiological, and histopathological examination this case concluded as cardiac myxoma.


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Andi Djawaria, F. P., & Indrayani Maker, L. P. I. (2018). Cardiac myxoma. Medicina, 49(2).




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