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Brain steam is a component of  fossa posterior, therefore anesthesia management for brain steam tumor resection should follow the general rule for anesthesia management of fossa posterior and a special concern for complication that could happen when brain steam is manipulated. 41 year old male with a brain steam tumor complain  a double vision, numbness and pain on the face, and swallowing problem, MRI show diffuse lesion on the pons to mid brain, suspect primary brain tumor (low grade tumor), nervus opticus and chiasma opticum are normal. Patient has been anesthesied well using invasif monitoring arteri line and central venous catheter CVC in addition to standart monitoring. Intraoperatifly patient going through a hypotensive episode that caused by manipulation on the brain steam. Postoperatifly patient is in the ICU and extubated on next 12 hours.




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